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Zach Snyder is an artist who explores a variety of mediums that manifest into playful, shape-oriented, abstract, and complex compositions. The process flows from a meditative state that allows emotions to manifest but also dissipate. Combining imagination and aesthetics, his subject matter sometimes includes vivid colors and black and white line work that are put together with wild shapes that flow across the canvas and unfold onto each other. The movement is captivating and invites the viewer in to activate their own imagination. While the colors and shapes appear random, they’re chosen meticulously and with purpose. His work is a product of the relationship between nature and human creativity. At first glance it’s chaotic and seemingly absurd. Shapes seem out of place when viewed up close, but together they work in harmony much like the natural systems of life.


Grand Valley State University

BFA in Illustration



Henry Ford Health System


Halyard Construction

Rockford Construction

and more!